Skill Demonstration Assignment: Interviewing

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An employment interview was conducted to determine the individual who would be well suited for employment in X organization. The company had been involved in developing recruitment procedures to fill its vacancies for human resources assistants. As human resources supervisor, I was appointed to conduct the interview having an observer present to evaluate the process. The goal of the interview was to gather information about the applicant's qualifications to determine whether or not an offer should be made. Another objective was to inform the applicant about the company and the position being offered. The interviewee would also be informed about the organization's benefits, promotional schedules, locations, salary, and job responsibilities. The ultimate purpose to be accomplished thus was to match up an individual with the organization to their mutual advantage.


A thorough analysis that would identify the knowledge, experiences, skills, and personal traits necessary to perform a position satisfactorily was conducted to develop the profile of the ideal employee for the position.

This analysis ensured compliance with state and federal EEO laws and guidelines, while the selection process was developed according to bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQs), requirements essential for performing a job. The interviewee was measured against this profile of BFOQs.

The candidate to be interviewed for the position was recruited by a private employment agency and selected based on the information obtained from his resume, references, and objective tests. The interviewee was applying for the position of human resources assistant for X organization. The interview took place in the human resources offices of the organization.

The interview was designed to be structured - that is all questions were prepared and tested ahead of time and then posed to the applicant. This scheduled format was tailored around specific traits in the applicant profile or around an...