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English 11002

Assignment 1. Arguing a Position


Skill in the Writing of Guy De Maupassant

Until this class I would have never recognized the skill that Guy De Maupassant possess. As we read this story after a few times, I asked myself why. Then I started to realize what an amazing writer he is. As we analyzed each paragraph I got deeper and deeper into the story. This essay will give you an insight in what I experienced when reading this piece of work. In the following I will give you examples that changed the way I read. My final point will be why at the end Guy De Maupassant's skill has made us not hate Old Mother Savage for what she had done.

At the beginning he was describing such a wonderful place and how he loved that part of the country. "Unforgettable - the sensation as of happiness having fluttered by, and vanished."

Then he continues to tell a tragic story of what had happened their earlier. On page 204, paragraph three "Little streams coursing through the earth like veins, carrying life-blood to the soil." at first I did not notice this, then I begin to think. The streams are blood, passing through our veins, bring blood to our bodies that's life. Guy De Maupassant's skill in the way he writes made me look at that sentence in a different way.

Going on to page 205, the end of paragraph three he states; "Their muscles of their faces have never learned how to stretch in laughter." at this point I actually begin to think about the physical muscles in ones face. Guy De Maupassant's skill made me the reader, look at the words in its actual meaning. Guy De Maupassant's word...