Skills in intercultural communication are essential in our globalized world. Discuss.

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Imagine our world which has so many different cultures with different languages without a common language being used all over the world to communicate within this different cultures. Wouldn't it be like in the old bible story of 'Babylon' when god punished the people by mixing up their language so that they couldn't understand each other anymore?

The aim of this essay is to give explanation why it is essential to have skills in intercultural communication in our globalized world.

This paper outlines that internationally trading companies have to be able to communicate intercultural to become part of the world trade and to be succsessful, while everyone of us should have skills in an international language to get a better job. Having the ability to communicate intercultural is also a great help to get a better understanding of foreign cultures and finally to allow yourself to develop your personality.

Each company trading internationally is forced to have the ability of communicating intercultural in order to survive within the huge world trade.

Taking Germany as an export country as an example for the need of intercultural communication skills it becomes obvious that Germany would not be as economically successful as it is, without attaching great importance to the proper use of intercultural communication skills, like in languages as English and French. Since Germany depends on the export of its products it must improve steadily its intercultural communication skills with respect to the increasing competition in the world trade. Companies which don´t have the abilty of using intercultural communication skills are not competitive in the world trade because they only have to focus on their local area.

Using intercultural communication skills makes international trade possible and it allows companies to participate in the competition of our huge world trade as they can...