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This site goes in full detail of what skin cancer is. It lists the three main types of skin cancer and goes in full detail. This site is very easy to navigate through and has all the information you would need on skin cancer.

There are many types of skin cancers that require clinical care by a physician or other healthcare professionals. There are three main types of skin cancer basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma. Basal cell carcinoma as melanin. Melanoma has the highest death rate and is responsible for 75 percent of all deaths from skin cancer. (non-melanoma cancer) usually appears as a small, fleshy bump or nodule on the head, neck, or hands. Basal cell carcinoma accounts for more than 90 percent of all skin cancers in the United States. Squamous cell carcinoma (non-melanoma carcinoma) is the second most common skin cancer found in Caucasians, and is usually found on fair-skinned people.

This form of cancer develops in approximately 200,000 persons per year. Malignant melanoma is a disease of the skin in which cancer cells are found in the melanocytes. These cells produce color in the skin or pigment known

I chose this site because it provides cancer information covering many forms and symptoms of the disease. This site has a very easy to understand format. It has a FAQ page regarding Skin Cancer answering all the common questions you would have. It also lists many ways you can prevent and even treat skin cancer.

Skin Cancer is caused by ultraviolet light from the sun. It can even be caused by sun-beds. Skin cancer can cause damage the DNA that makes up the genes in skin cells. The wrong type of damage to the wrong genes will make a cell...