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1. Executive Summary

Skippy Home Loans is a new company that provides high-level expertise in financial advice and an 'introducer' of home loans in the inner South West of Sydney. Skippy Home Loans is a branch of Ly Corporation, is capitalized by one single stockholder and one principal investor, Derek Ly. Derek Ly is a licensed broker and the sponsoring broker for this firm.

Opening in late 2002, it is relativity new in the market, it is competing with many companies that have been existing far longer than it has, but have stabilized itself into the market through its fresh approach to customer relations.

Skippy Home Loans is a member of the Professional Lenders Association Network of Australia and represent lending institutions, from major banks such as St George to non banks such as RAMS. They offer a wide range of loan products tailored to specific target markets such loans include No Frills, Fixed Rate, and Introducer.

The following outlines the analysis of the nature of the firm and highlights its major characteristics that help identify the tools used to evaluate the company, implementing such techniques as The Gaps Model and DFD diagrams to investigate Skippy Home Loans. Recommendation concluding from the study were segmentation of duties, the implementation of online facilities, and further advertising efforts.

2. The Marketing Environment Review

2.1 Market Characteristics

1. The most important market segment is the first home owner. This client will be calling upon Skippy Home Loans, for our expert advice and analysis on their individual situation in terms of the size of the loan that will be suited to their working income.

2. As important would be the clients looking to refinance their current home loan or consolidate their debts. This type of client will be looking to Skippy Home Loans to...