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The narrative Sky High by H. Robert, involves itself with how change affects an individual's behaviour and attitude towards their environment. Change is portrayed as the tool, which shapes our personalities, from naive children to the very complex emotional beings. As Robert introduces the memories of the child a frilly carefree atmosphere envelopes the prose: "feeling...nearly as pink as [my] bathers". This lively, zealous atmosphere creates a powerful rapport with the reader, placing one in the euphoric climax of the "earth spinning below me". "Struggling sapling...its boughs stretching out...air flow". The cumulative effect of the natural imagery and the use of evocative descriptions, places the reader in the grandeur of the child's exciting world. The attitude of the persona is one that is very carefree and passionate towards simple aspects of life. However, with the "accumulation of...scars and wrinkles", the persona losses that childhood excitement, now her hands "easily touch[ing] the sagging wires".

The stultifying effect of the imagery of the wires sagging, gives a contrastingly nostalgic and sorrowful mood. The author no longer views through the same zealous eyes at the washing "like coloured flags in secret code", but rather prefers to write her own "semaphore secrets". With the aging of the persona the reader understands how her attitudes and behaviour have changed: "It is unlikely the washing linse could support me this time. The persona feels is "tied to the ground" by her more rational rather than childhood instinctive behaviour. The sudden change in the atmosphere and setting, launching the reader through the feelings of nostalgia, loss and sorrow to elucidate on an emotional level the change in the persona's behaviour.

This poem tells the reader to "Go and open the door" and explores the possibilities of what may lie beyond the door that it commands us to...