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California Glossary of Slang Words Aaiight: all right Crib: house; home Wazzup: hi; what's up Late: see you later Dope: cool Have issues: to be having troubles or problems with something or someone Ya right: no Bug: to bother Chill: to relax, calm down Jack: to steal I guess: if you say so I feel ya: I understand you Chillin: doing fine Peace out: good bye Sup: what's up Wack: bad, terrible Tight: very good Ammunition: toilet paper Armpit: dirty, unappealing place Bag on: to tease; to complain Check it out: pay attention Clueless: unaware Cool: calm; fine acceptably; neat; exciting, interesting; very good Couch potato: a person who watches too much television Da bomb: great; awesome; extremely cool Bushed: extremely tired Catch some rays: get some sunshine Cheesy: cheap, outmoded Chicken: coward The cooler: jail Dig it: do you understand?; a command to understand or pay attention Dis: this; to disrespect Drop: to give or tell Drop knowledge: to share information or experience Deck: to hot someone Dicey: unpredictable; risky Dirt: extremely bad person Dude: person esp.

male; a greeting or salutation; an indication or surprise FAQs: Frequently asked Questions For real(s): true; is it true? G: a person; often used to replace someone's name; a friend or acquaintance Get outta here: you must be kidding Hang out: to relax; to gather, to be at or with; a place to meet or get together Hello?!: are you there?, I'm trying to get you're attention, Are you awake? Bod: body Bonkers; go bonkers; crazy Booboo: a mistake Barf: vomit Bazillion: an infinite number of something B-ball: basketball Beat: tired Beemer: a BMW Biggie: something important Awesome: great and impressive Ball: a fun time Bang: a very powerful thing Jam: to leave; to go Jive: words, jokes,