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My name is Mariah Nicole and I was born in Shelby County, Texas on July 20, 1850. Or at least this is what my mother tells me: see she has it all written down in that bible of hers. She has to hide her bible under her bed because if the white people find her bible she will get into a lot of trouble. The white people are afraid if we blacks learn to read and write we will learn how to run away.

Scott Hooper Texas Slave Narrative Page 1-2; William Watkins Texas Slave Narrative Page 1-3

We lived on a plantation that had four hundred acres and our master Thomas Jones lived in a big farm house. On the four hundred acre plantation that we live on we have crops of barley, wheat, corn, and oats, and our livestock. Our livestock includes hogs, cows, horses, and mules.

Harrison Boyd Texas Slave Narrative Page 1-2

It was not all that bad for my family and me.

Our master was one of the best in my opinion. He never beat us and we never worked a lot. My mother and grandmother, Jeanette worked inside for our master. They cooked and cleaned; they also sewed all the clothes for the master and for all of us. One reason why slave family life was pretty good was because all of my family was there I was with all of my brothers, sisters, my grandparents, my mother, and my father, but he passed away when I was six. He died because he got real sick and no one knew what was wrong with him. On Saturday nights our master lets us dance and on Sundays we never worked much. From what I can remember all that we did on Sundays was milk the...