Slave narrative essay, during the 1800's.

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From the documents read in class and the resources found outside of class, a common trend is present throughout a majority of the slave narratives. A number of the slaves felt that their "Masters" which was the title given to their owners, were actually the caring providers who ensured their prosperity and happiness.

The slaves during the 1800's were very heavily oppressed. Being born into slavery and knowing no other way of life, a substantial number of African American slaves adapted to this unjust way of living they called life. What was there for them to complain about? They had food, shelter, clothing, and the occasional recreation time. This all came with an excruciatingly hard day of work, but shouldn't you give a little to get a little? Work hard, do as your told, do not act out and you will be rewarded with these luxuries and avoid a beating.

This was the mindset of a typical slave during the 1800's. These poor people were oppressed to such an extreme, that eventually slavery was adopted as a way of living.

Being provided such luxuries as shelter, food, and clothing, many slaves felt that their masters were very kind and more than generous to them. What these men and women failed to realize is that these caregivers were actually the ones who were imprisoning them against their will and forcing them into labor without salary or say. Like I said earlier, many slaves during the 1800's were born into the families of which were already under the oppression of slavery. For these sad people, they had never seen or known any other form of life, and had never had a taste of freedom. Because of this, they did not desire freedom and could see no reason to resist this...