Slave Resistance

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Europeans first came into contact with the Caribbean after Columbus's momentous journeys in 1492. Columbus came in contact with much different type of indigenous people in the Islands he had visited. The indigenous people he had encounter were the Tainos who were the peaceful and the Caribs were more like warriors and cannibal. During the discovery of the Caribbean's many of the Islanders were not as happy to see how their Island was being invaded.

The Tainos who were the peaceful tribes did not try to fight the European colonialism instead they try to embraced them by offering them gift such gold, bronze and whatever of value they own. Where as the Caribs would tried to fight the European colonist away, so they wouldn't take over their Islands. Tainos have very little weapons to fight the Europeans with, so they try fighting by talk to the European. The Caribs were able to resist European settlement; they were able to maintain control over some of their land through the 18th century.

They did so "through military resistance and by careful diplomacy, playing off the English and French colonies" (in class note). The Caribs would use various types of weapons to fight against the European colonist. The caribs had spears; arrows, ropes and sometime they also had guns. Because of the Caribs were excellent canoeists they would their canoes skill to escape the colonist during battle. The Caribs were being threat all the time to give up their lands and change their way, when such thing occur they would do anything in their power to make sure such thing did not happen. According to an article by Phillips P. Boucher the Caribs would kill European soldiers including priests would try to change their way of living.

In the early19th century, after...