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Slavery is a key foundation in American history, and the lack of information presented in the text accounts for the intolerable crimes on humanity itself. The very economic foundations are based upon black slaves who harvested the crops and in return were beaten and tortured. Even though many countries were "civilized," on the backs of slaves, it is clearly present that American history is constructed to hide this painful truth. Sometimes the truth can be agonizing, but in no way does this excuse the deletion of a substantial part of our history.

Not only were the black Africans used as slaves, but many Native Americans were used as well. These people were striped of their native land, and forced to work for the English settlers. The textbook attempts to portray the Native Americans as violent and unmoral human beings when the English settlers have taken everything and anything that these people have had.

Furthermore, women in general were not mentioned, with a few exceptions. It is a fact that mostly men created our country, but still women were a part of society and their views should have been expressed.

Many leaders during this time were subject to massive ridicule due to their religious beliefs. Religion was a large part in the creation of different states, as well as violence in general. In the case of Bacon, it seems that he was portrayed as an "Indian killer," and his life was centered on violence.

A textbook can only show a specific amount of views, but it should show the absolute truth about how our country was formed.