Slavery do we know enough about it? what is the christian view of it?

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Do we, as western society understand the amount of people in slavery and the suffering that they face in our world today?

Slavery is an ethnical issue that is not widely spoken about. When the topic slavery is brought up many people will immediately associate the ideas of third world countries remote and extreme places in absolute poverty. Not many people have a clear understanding of slavery and most people don't realise that it still exist today. Slavery is an issue that has been throughout history and it still exists today, right throughout the world which makes this issue relevant to everyone in the world. Unlike the many other ethical issues that are not specifically mention it the bible, slavery is one issue that is mentioned in the bible. The stories of these people need to be heard for us to understand the suffering and the life that they live and ultimately we have find some ways that we can help change the lives these people are stuck in, even if it is just one life we help at least one person is better than they were before.

World Book 2000 (encyclopedia) defines slavery as "a practice in which people own other people. A slave is the property of his or her owner and works without pay. The owner, who is called a master or mistress, provides the slave with food, shelter, and clothing." Slavery began in prehistoric times and still continues today. Slavery in ancient times reached its height in Greece and the Roman Empire. Changing moral attitudes to slavery helped to cause its decline during the 1800's. Today, slavery is illegal in almost every country but it still exists in all parts of the world.

Slavery possibly started after the development of farming approximately 10,000 years ago.