Slavery Reparations in the U.S.

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Slavery Reparations in the U.S. does hold a meaningful point, however I am strongly against it. Some of the ancestors of African Americans did in fact suffer from slavery but I think their relatives should not receive money from the United States Government. As horrible as it may sound, if the government decides to pay reparations to ancestors of the slaves, then other groups could take advantage of this. Basically if we give money to the African Americans then other groups will cry and find a reason for their group to receive reparations.

Now I'm not a racist or prejudice young man, but I believe the impact of slavery on the African American society had the right to be tragic for the first century afterwards. Slavery has been abolished from the United States for nearly two hundred years yet some how they still seam to suffer from it. I think this is just an excuse for some of the African American society to remain unemployed and gluten, in other words fat and lazy.

As of right now the government is in a tight squeeze because if they fail to give reparations, there will be protests and most likely some terrorism. Although if they do give reparations then other groups will go and take advantage of this. Other groups without a doubt will want reparations for what ever they can claim. If this happens the country goes broke, what should we do? I think instead of giving reparations we should make it equal for all, and rid of all possibility for any one to receive them. If this plan goes wrong, I think we should imprison anyone who tries to question the plan. That should scare anyone from trying to receive reparations and it should also keep the economy from...