Sleep Deprivation

Essay by neopo June 2004

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Sleep Deprivation

Many teenagers today stay out all night and still wake up early for either school or work. Thus, we have the problem of sleep deprivation among the average teenager. Some stay up for work, communication, and entertainment. Regardless of the cause, many teenagers have obtained a certain tolerance for running on little sleep.

Work also can cause a loss of sleep because many teenagers get night shifts especially during school. One friend works at a movie theater, they gave him the night shift all through school, and he kept sleeping in class and getting in trouble. To many jobs, they do not care whether or not one has school but whether or not they show up. Many have to show up for that night shift even if they have something important due for school the next day. The late night shift followed by hours of homework does cause many teenagers during school to have sleep deprivation.

Communication does not cause sleep deprivation, but getting lost in a conversation and continuing it late into the night does. When a friend stays the night, one commonly talks about random ideas that pop into their head. The conversation can last a while because no one hinders the conversation or can realize how long the conversation has continued. It continues until one of them falls asleep, because they could not stay awake any longer. When talking to a friend over the phone many factors of a late night conversation still occur. When a Bob calls a Jim, they say what they where going to say then hang up. On the other hand, when a Bob calls an Ann the conversation continues until she gets tired. All of this leads one to stay up late, though some may sleep in the next...