Sleepy Hollow

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Sleepy Hollow is not just a Horror Movie. In this Film we see various love situations that emerge from the story. These love situations can be combined into different categories, corrupt love and uncorrupt love. Uncorrupt and corrupt love mean good and evil love. Corrupt love is also combined into a few categories, Agape, which stands for friendship love. Storge, which stands for peerage love. Philia, which stands for parental love and Eroz, which stands for sexual love. If any of this four types of uncorrupt love, is followed wrong then it goes under corrupt love, any other kind of love goes under corrupt love. Sleepy Hollow is a movie that is always followed with a message after each love situation, maybe the viewer won't notice this until they stop and analyze the plot but its there.

In the movie, we notice a certain attraction between Katrina and Icabod. Even thought we never see actions that prove this, we still know that their attraction is more than just an attraction, its love.

There love can be considered uncorrupt, because it goes down into two out of the four uncorrupt categories. Agape and Eroz, Agape is Friendship love and Eroz is sexual love. It can be consider Agape love because of the time that Icabod went looking for the man with no head tomb. Know one wanted to join Icabod so Katrina followed him to help him dig the tomb. This not only shows that Katrina is a Brave women, it also shows her love towards Icabod. However, in this situation, what Katrina did, was not just an act of women to man love, if not a friendship love. She was there for him when he needed her. There was also Eroz love between them, because a few times we notice...