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The business of music. The industry that everyone wants to be a part of, but only a select lucky few get to participate in. In order to be a successful band, proper planning, management, and discipline are key. Like any small business venture, managing, marketing and performing in a band entails high level of creativity, a keen business sense, and an insatiable appetite for success. Bands fail often, members are difficult to acquire and retain, the public image aspects far outmeasure those of a business, so great care must be taken in assuring your skills are in line, the story and image you are creating are in sync and your business and management practices are professional despite the often unprofessional environment in which music is created. Taking these and other aspects into account, there are three key areas in which an up-and-coming band needs to be primarily focused on: promotion and PR, touring and performing, and the creation of an independent music label.

The case study for this paper will be based on the band FFL, a hardcore punk band who is currently based in Grand Junction, Colorado. As a real-world example will provide, there are always additional issues that play a large part in where a band will end up and how well they will eventually do. A more personalized addition to the paper will be provided as an appendix, to show examples of further struggles a band must go through in order to find success and create a brand recognition.

PROMOTION AND PRMusic does not sell itself, it does not transfer though some sort of osmosis into peoples hearts and souls, no, music has to be sold and packaged much like any commodity offered in a grocery store. In modern music marketing, the band must be thought...