Small Business Management

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1 Introduction

2. General Information about Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

2.1 Definition of SME's

2.2 Importance of SME's

2.3 Problems of SME's

2.3.1 Marketing

2.3.2 Information Technology

2.3.3 Human Resource Management Importance of Job Analysis and Job Descriptions in SME's

2.3.4 Structural Problems of SME's Importance of Organization Charts in SME's

3. Conclusion

4. References


Employee management, also called human resource management (HRM), is an essential part of any business operation and also important for structuring a company. The first and the most important activity in HRM is Job Analysis. In any small business, there is always plenty of work to be done. This work includes the physical labor--doing things--as well as planning, organizing, and evaluating, thinking about things. What are the jobs that need to be done? How are these jobs going to be divided up? Who is responsible for what?All the questions can be answered by a HRM activity,"Job Analysis".

The purpose of this study is examining the importance of job analysis in small businesses in Turkey. And also we will apply a job analysis to a small business and structure the company by the help of the results.


2.1 Definition of SME's

More people than ever are thinking of starting their own business, either because they want more control over their lives and career, or because they are unable to find work elsewhere. (Irwin,2000).As entrepreneurs they are establishing small businesses.

A small business can basically defined as a business with a small number of employees. However, defining small businesses is not that easy. The definition of small business depends on many things like what industry the company is in and what country the company is located in.

Two same sized companies might not...