A Small Firecracker With A Big Bang

Essay by saifee April 2006

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When people go back home or any place they can call home after a long time, as soon as they pull up on the drive way, they can "smell the fresh air" or "feel the evening breeze on their skin," but for me I could sense my annoying six year old cousin Anum getting closer and closer as soon as I left campus for my aunt's place in Nashville and the fact that I had decided to interview her for my next English essay was really overwhelming too. Finally what I dreaded had come. My uncle who had picked me up from school dropped me off near the door and went to park the car. I was standing on the doorway with my bags, no fresh air to smell, no soothing breeze to feel but just the fear of my cousin screwing my paper up. "What if she doesn't want to talk to me? She is always saying that she hates boys! What if she doesn't really sit down in one place for me to talk to? She is super hyper, always jumping and running around!"

I rang the door bell and my always smiling aunt welcomed me inside.

I went to the living room to get comfortable. I was taking my socks off when I heard a very dismal 'Hi Safder bhai' - bhai being Urdu for brother - from the other side of the room. It was a fair, tall and skinny girl who had her long black hair pulled up in two ponytails wearing a pink Pocahontas T-shirt and black polka dotted pajamas and an expression that clearly said that she had been forced to come and greet me.

"Hey Anum, how are you doing?" I said.

"I'm fine," she replied.

"You sure don't look glad to...