"Small Gods" - Terry Pratchett.

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Book Review on "Small Gods" - Terry Pratchett

Brutha finds his god, Om as a tortoise and he tries to make everyone else see that it is the god, but Brutha's country, Omnia, goes to war with Ephebe about what shape the world is. Vorbis a high inquisitor on Omnia got badly injured in the fight and gets lost in the desert alone; Brutha goes back to Omnia with Om but looses him. Om finds in the desert a palace which was a place for the gods and he settles down there to stay with all the other gods. Brutha finds Vorbis and takes him back to Omnia when he gets there he becomes a high priest and then Vorbis dies at a very old age making Brutha a inquisitor and then he changes all the rules in Omnia to a less violent country. Brutha sadly dies of unusual circumstances and meets Death in a desert which you have to walk when you die.

Brutha found Vorbis very near the start of the desert even though he died one hundred years before Brutha, then Brutha picks up Vorbis and walks the desert with him.

This book is a fantasy making it a really fun book with really hilarious bits in it, I like fantasy books as you can just relax and read something which probably will never happen which added to the fun as you do not know what is going to happen. I would say this book is a brilliant read, very funny and personally I really enjoyed it.

The book is set in Discworld a fantasy world with many countries including Omnia, Ephebe and many more, Omnia was near a desert leading to Ephebe which was described in a very strange way but does put the message across...