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"Baptizing babies is pointless? Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

Being a Christian myself and being baptised at such a tender age, it's really not that easy to remember baptism. Yet, when I look back, I feel some sort of spiritual meaning and I feel glad that I have been baptized into the hands of God. Infant baptism occurs in all churches over the world. Some include: Orthodox, Catholic and Methodist. The whole point of infant baptism is to take away the sins that the babies haven't committed but were born with. This is called original sin. A sin passed on from the parents after years of sin. Yet, there are some people who think that baptising babies is pointless, and that sins are something you go to confession about to be forgiven and that babies are pure and sin-free.

They aren't wrong. Nevertheless, a baby doesn't know what's right from wrong. This is why families all over the UK are waiting for their children to grow older and let them choose if they want to be baptized or not (believers Baptism). Then again, there are others like myself and my family who believe that's infant baptism is a welcoming into the world by the people who love and guide you and that if you trust your parents enough to raise, feed and protect you, then you must trust them to make the right decision about baptism.

Yes, baby baptism is important. I feel that when you're a baby, the choices you might want to make now, are handed to your parents and Godparents. Our mothers and fathers choice of getting us baptized or not is up to them, and doing this we know...