Small Towns: Amazing Discoveries

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Many may wonder how small towns stay small beautiful places while at the same time larger cities seem to become over populated and infested with crime. I love the smaller towns because there are fewer people , spacious areas for children to play, and beautiful scenery to comfort and relax the soul. Please come with me and explore some of the wonderful things that can be found as well as some of the drawbacks of these areas.

The world is growing and as people spread out, finding their own place in the world, they often seek freedom from the stress that come with the big city atmosphere. In a small town you may find locally owned and operated restaurant's and gas stations where the people are friendly and loving. Often they will chat and ask how your family is doing even though they have never met you before that day.

You can also find small, close knit school systems where generations of families have attended and everyone knows everyone else. There might just be one grocer, but it is clean and has the items most people need. Some examples you might find are cane syrup, which is grown and processed 5 miles down the road , or perhaps those home made candies just like grandma use to make. If you are out driving in a small town no doubt you will see children playing in the fields and back yards filled with lush green plants and flowers bursting with vibrant colors of yellow, purple, and white. What a remarkable sight to see! True, not everyone loves the country life, but those who venture into the big city rush back again soon. Come with me and see why this is so as we look at the modern city.

There are many who drive into large towns every day not wondering what life day and night might be like there. Some never wonder when crime is so rampant why men, women, and children are afraid to go out at night. Those same people never contemplate the air they breath as safe or full of cancer causing toxins polluting the body they strove to protect by abstaining from tobacco use. Nor their children frightened of others at school with bulging jackets hiding the guns they carry for self preservation. Some never wonder what it would be like to lie down at night to sleep and not worry about someone breaking in and harming them or their family. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in this type environment? Does just a better paying job always free your mind of the stress and worries of everyday life in a big city. NO! Neither can a large home protect you from the dangers of the countless drive by shootings that occur on the average of three every five minutes in some larger cities. These are the basic everyday lives of millions of people in the United States. Young or old, rich or poor, we all have a choice to make and that choice is where to lay our head each night.

Have you wondered what it would be like to visit a small town for a week or more? Maybe you wonder if it really is that deep velvety dark at night? Are the stars really so bright in the midnight sky that you feel almost able to reach out and touch them. I invite you to take a drive into the remote parts of your state testing this theory of small town life. Can you find the warm love and atmosphere of a close knit community in the open air of the mountains. If you haven't ever lived in a small town, take a drive and see the country in your area. You may be very surprised at the amazing discoveries that can be made in small towns of North Alabama.