Smart Cars, Speaks of the TravTek navigationsystem installed in Oldsmobile Toronados

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Answer A :

The TravTek navigationsystem is installed in 100 Oldsmobile Toronados, the

visual part of the system is a computer monitor. Through detailed colour maps, it

leads the driver through the town. The map changes all the time, cause a computer

connected to a navigation-satellite, and with a magnetic compass installed, calculates

the fastest or easiest way to your destination. When yellow circles appear in a

particular place on the screen, it means that there is traffic jam here, or there has been

an accident on the spot. The computer receives this information from the Traffic

Management Centre, and it quickly points an alternative route out.


The driver interact with the system through the so called 'touch screen'. 7000

buisnesses in the area are already listed in the computer, and you can point out your

destination by searching through a lot of menus until you find it, or simply by typing

the name of the street.

when the place you want to go are registered you push the make

destination button, and the computer programmes a route, the second after the route

appears on the screen, while a voice explains it to you through the loudspeaker.


The TravTek guides the driver through the traffic. The computer always knows

where you are, and the navigation system makes it impossible to get lost in the traffic,

unless you really want to, and deliberately make the wrong turns. It also guides you

past traffic jams and problems who might crop up around an accident. In a town

where you have never been, you will quickly be able to find your way to hotels,

restaurants, sports arenas, shops and much more, just by looking through the various

menus of the TravTek.


The text definitely prefers the accuracy of...