Smartphone Usage is Impacting Social Behavior

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Smartphone Usage is Impacting Social Behavior

"Please turn off all hand held electronic devices for the duration of this essay"; a request similar to those heard in classrooms, theatres, business meetings, and churches all over the world. The most popular device is the smartphone: a portable cellular telephone with Internet capabilities. A smartphone allows an individual to perform almost anything from the palm of their hand. Today, it is virtually impossible to have a discussion where at least one person is not distracted by an incoming telephone call, email (electronic mail) or text message (text). The addiction has become so powerful, that usage has grown to be a serious issue. The behavior of smartphone usage needs improvement; users are rude, addicted, and dangerous.

Smartphones are distracting, and cause people to behave rudely to one another. For example, when in a restaurant, it is easy to observe the rude behavior that couples and families demonstrate.

During their meal, most stare down intently at their smartphone rather than the individuals at the table. This behavior is also demonstrated in the workplace, and usually involves - a person speaking to their superior and their superior engrossed in another situation. Because of the communication on the superior's smartphone, they reply "uh-huh" or "sorry; I am listening, but this is important," which makes the person in front of them feel unworthy of their attention. The art of conversation between individuals has changed; people tend to communicate in less personal ways, such as sending a short email or typing a quick text message rather being involved in polite face to face conversation.

Furthermore, A study conducted called The Smartphone Addiction Scale: Development and Validation of a Short Version for Adolescents stated: "considering its mobile and internet capabilities, a smartphone also has the possibility of becoming...