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9:15AM third period, beginning of third week of school. Math was already torturing us yet we always had something interesting to whisper about. For the past couple of math lessons they were about you since it was the only subject we shared. Shaikha was absolutely thrilled someone new was finally coming to Doha Academy but what I've heard that new person has already been there before. I guess it was a welcome back, Shaikha tried to convince a couple of her friends to come for the past year but the minute they step in something just changes their mind. Let's go back to topic, NEW GIRL! She has a name, Fatmah Alsuwaidi. The only info I received in the beginning was that she was beautiful also has been in Amna bint wahb independent school and how good friends they both were. RINGGG! Bell went on and we rushed through the door for break time.

The minute walking out I spotted an amazingly beautiful brunette, you don't see beautiful people that often when you're in DA, I guessed she was new , I realized after she approached and locked herself around Shaikha to give her a hug that she was Fatmah Alsuwaidi. The moment spotting her this intense feeling just jolted through me like an electric shock from my toes to the tip of my head. Giving the reaction of goose bumps erupting all over my skin, I told Shaikha I have to know her! A couple of days went by till we actually started talking and getting to know each other, we started the basics adding you on bbm taking your number and all. I had an enormous interest into getting to know you but I tried in a gentle way by telling you unexpectedly facts I knew about you,