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Kevin Chen


Smoking is not good for you, your family, or anyone around you. Smoking does not

help your body whatsoever, you are constantly releasing chemicals in and they are not going to come

out. Teens' smoking is one of a major factor that can corrupt their future, maybe even the next

generation. Teenagers who smoke will always have some flaws that non­smokers don't. Teens who

smoke will usually develop diseases and different infections, not to forget their rate of catching various

cancers will also increase. Lastly, teens that smoke will only make their life more difficult as they get

older. These are teens smoking, not adults. On the website ( smoking shortens the

user's life by 10 years or even more. Almost 443,000 people die each year because of their addiction

to smoking cigarettes. The other 8.6 million live with plenty of serious illnesses, some from smoking at a

young age. A statement was reported by the United States Surgeon General from 1982, he stated:

"Cigarette smoking is the major single cause of cancer mortality [death] in the United States." It still

remains true as of today.

The majority of smokers start before or at the age of 21. It is a real bad habit for teens

to smoke cigarettes. First of all it is almost impossible to quit smoking. If they smoke in school, this will

cause some problems for their parents and even their goals in the future. Teens that are completely

addicted to cigarettes may smoke up to 10 a day. If, they are still in school they will reek of smoke, not

only that, but they can start pre­maturing. Smoking will cause problems to the living flesh. Blood within

that person will have difficulty flowing through organs and the skin. (www. long...