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The Effects of Smoking Over the last couple of years the one subject that has caused more debate and more uproars is the subject of smoking. This is a valid concern for people and America being that smoking is a horrible habit and is responsible for several thousands of deaths a year. The goal of this paper is not to justify smoking. It is not to tell the world that smoking is a good thing or that even it is a smart thing. Truth be known it is one of the most ignorant and unhealthy things that you can possibly do to your body. The facts are that smoking is like signing a death wish. It is unsafe and unsanitary. Smoking is probably one of the worst things that you can do to your body, because the fact is that if you are a smoker it is going to kill you.

The purpose of this paper is simply to let people know the damaging effects of this deadly habit. The question is often asked, "Why do you smoke? You know that it's going to kill you."� There really is no logical answer to this question, only that it is an addiction. Smoking as far as addiction is no worse than the most illegal drug on the market. Ask any person who has smoked for and extended period of time and ask them how easy it is to quit. It's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. Smoking is so hard to quit because the problem is that many people smoke. If someone close to a smoker smokes it is very difficult to quit.

College students frequently get started smoking at parties when they are around others who smoke. It's ridiculous for people to think that one cigarette...