Smoking: Life Or Stupidity? What does smoking do to you and others? Why should we stop smoking? What does smoking lead to?

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Is there anyone who does not know someone who smokes? Everyone has a family member, friend, or someone who smokes. They have chosen to smoke, but by just being around them you are smoking; only you have not made that choice. Before you choose to take this chance you should think about what may happen to your body. There are many factors that you should take seriously; smoking is a bad habit because it leads to addiction, disease, and dangerous pregnancy.

As advertisements and television commercials have shown, smoking is a way to relax and to be cool, but they never show you the down side of it. For example, addiction is one of the bad side effects and is caused by nicotine. Once you inhale the cigarette you will feel the need for another one, and you may have different personalities and change because of this addiction. You may become crabby and behave violently which leads to the need for a cigarette to calm down, but instead, what you're really doing, is more damage to your mind and body.

Researchers have found ways to control addictions. Some have been successful while many others have failed. People at a younger age start to get addicted by the nicotine and this is where the problem starts.

The hazards of smoking lead to many diseases and should persuade people to quit their habit. First, a major reason why people should quit smoking is that many people are dying of cancer. For example, the stats say that in the United States six out of ten people are dying everyday of lung cancer. This disease is killing people if it is not detected right away. Another reason to quit smoking is heart disease and its costs. For example, many people suffer from heart failure,