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Essay by kimiajoon November 2004

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Many people around the world start smoking at the young ages. At first, they have an

opinion that, "I smoke 5 cigarettes daily, and I am not addicted to smoke." After some

times, the number of cigarettes will increase and reach to 1 pack a day. If a rule that no

one has the right to smoke in all places exists, many diseases will never start to increase

among people. Moreover, by banning smokers to smoke in most places, smokers will not

waste too much their money in many no effective ways.

One of the reasons that smoking should ban in diverse places is that other people will

be sick because of cigarettes' smoke. In the past few years, many restaurants are

banning to smoke in its area. In addition, restaurant's owners open some rooms in the

restaurants for smokers to smoke in those places.

Moreover, smokers should pay attention

to the health of other people. Because other people who are always near to them, they

may get some diseases because of its smoke.

Besides getting different several diseases, another positive effect of banning to smoke

cigarettes in many places is that smokers will prevent spend highest percent of their

salaries in different ways. One of my friends who smoke cigars told me that if she did not

start smoking from early age, she could buy a house. Furthermore, smokers can pay less

to the health care systems.

In summary, smokers do not have a right to smoke in all places because other people

may get some serious diseases. In addition, if government does not give smokers to

smoke in all places, smokers will waste less money with out any positive result. If health

care places open...