Smoking Should Be Illegal

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"A life is not important except for the impact it has on other lives"(Robinson). Throughout the past centuries, smoking has become a global past time. Smoking may possibly occur in every city around the earth. Despite the major health risk, millions of people smoke everyday not knowing the consequences. This puts many innocent lives at risk for a useless cause. Many people agree that smoking should be banned from all public places to benefit society. Every month, a very small number of people finish off their own lives. Meanwhile, accidental deaths, such as second-hand smoke, kill numerous amounts of people each year. A majority of those accidental deaths are from people who have never even touched a cigarette!

Second-hand smoke is just as harmful, if not worse than first-hand smoke and affects millions of people who do not even smoke. "Second-hand smoke wipes out about 42,000 nonsmokers each year in the U.S."

(Wanjek 1). One is four smokers believe that second-hand smoke isn't that harmful or is not harmful at all. Only about 28% of all smokers agree that second-hand smoke is very dangerous. "Fatal illnesses including heart and lung disease are the aftermath starting from second-hand smoke" (Fernandez 1). The risk for developing lung cancer shoots up 20% to 30% when out in the open to second-hand smoke and heart disease risk rises by 25% to 30%. This risk may be avoided by keeping a good distance from smokers. "Infants and children are influenced the most by second-hand smoke" (Fernandez 1). For each nonsmoker affected, about 14 valuable years of life are prematurely lost. Ear infection and respiratory symptoms are two examples of the effect of second-hand smoke to children. African-American infants have the highest amount of juvenile deaths. "Smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals that are toxic and contained...