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In 1907 Jack and Charmian sailed to the Pacific to the South Seas in the Snark, which became the basis for his book, The Cruise of the Snark. During his lifetime, Jack sailed on over 25 ships. When Jack departed from San Francisco on the SS Umatilla on July 25, 1897, he was overcome with "Klondike fever". Accompanied and bankrolled by his much older brother-in-law, Captain Shepard, returned home only after two day on the Alaska trails. Jack had packed over 2,000 pounds of required equipment. He entered the Yukon Territory by way of the Dyea River and the notorious Chilcoot Pass. In May 1898, Jack developed a serious case of scurvy from the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables; he could no longer work his claim. He eventually received help while awaiting for the melting of the ice block in the Yukon River In his adventure at the Klondike and Alaska , Jack had gained an exceptional amount of perspective and insight.

Even though he did not fine a great deal of gold, he had gathered a proportional amount of information for his upcoming novels.

When he returned to Oakland, California, he had discovered that his dear stepfather, John London, had died. At the very young age of 22, he gad the responsibility of supporting his mother and step nephew. Trying very hard to bring good support to his family, he could not find a steady going job.

During his lifetime he had created over 50 books and stories because of his great passion for writing. No one can even to begin explain his amazing passion for books and his intense writing style. In many of his books he has the style of writing to cause major tension. Enough to make you wail for more and more. He also has an intense feel of adventure and distinct wildlife in his books. When he had succeeded as an author, he followed a strict writing regimen of 1,000 words a day. That is how he produced a great quantity of high quality work over the period of eighteen years.

Though he had an intense adventurous lifetime it was the time where he had pass away. At the age of 40 (1876-1916) Jack London had died. After his death their was a myth that developed that he was portrayed as being and "alcoholic womanizer who committed suicide. Many people from all over the world till this very day still have a great deal of respect in their hearts for this great author.