The Sniper. A story about two brothers during World War II. one brother's struggle to save the other, and then ultimately save himself.

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This was World War II. Countries on both sides of the globes were fighting each other, while the less able and less powered countries were deciding on which side to choose. Like many of the other nations who sided with someone of their liking, Finland too joined up and became an ally of the Russian Federation.

Ines, who was 25 years old, had gone off to Russia sometime before to train and prepare with the red army for the impending war. He was good, disciplined, but very self-interested person. Johns, who was Ines’ brother, at 23 years old was the type of person who is a hotshot and a risk taker. He stayed behind-insisting on preparing at home.

It’s been two months since the war began. John was waiting for the news about his brother’s arrival, but as he found out, Ines will be staying there until both nations get together.

Then they will have a chance to meet in person again.

Ines had been trained as a sniper, while his brother was in the forward assault force. That night, their forces had to attack, clear, and re-capture an American stronghold in a fort near the English Channel. It was of strategic importance, so the capturing of it was paramount.

Ines and Johns were in two different groups. The assault group of Johns was to move in first, occasionally calling on the sniper support from Ines’ two men group to clear any hidden, hard to hit targets. Both teams worked well together, despite the cold winter night and the paralyzing front. They cleared out much of the fort. Thinking the area is somewhat clear, the small assault team moved into the open, looking to clear any surviving enemies. All but one enemy was left behind, hiding in a...