Snow Space- Creative writing of the white snow that falls in the winter.

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Snow Space

All I can see is white, all I can feel is white and coldness in the air as a snowflake drops into one of my eyes. The snow seems colder then ever, or could it be that I didn't wear the warmth enough mittens for this type of weather. As the snow comes harder and harder, an inch by an hour, the fingertips of my mittens are aching and freezing. The good thing about snow is that you can fall on it and not get hurt, you can play with it and not get bored, you can taste it and not feel another drink for a coke. Snow can be thrown, snow can be a pad, snow can be a carpet for sledding, or snow can be food. The only downfall of snow is that it can be very dangerous especially when not warmth. It can cost a severe frostbite in one's skin, or when thrown, it can be filled with very heavy ice and hurt someone in the eye.

Snow is a pain for some people, snow is fun for some people. Snow can cause major accidents in the roads filled with black ice. Snow causes traffic to move much slower and it also costs headache for some people as they have to shovel the snow out of their driveway to proceed to work. Other people love snow, such as younger kids who relish in snowball fights, sled contests, building snowmen's and snow angles and using their creative imagery.

As the snow comes harder and harder during the very late at night, I am hoping that there will be no school the next day. I proceed to look up in the sky

and all I see, big snowflakes falling from the sky. It is an amazing...