"The Snow Storm."

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Winter. Cold. Freezing cold. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine - the capital city. It is huge, like a microcosm ic world for its citizens. This winter turned out extremely cold. It was snowing continually. As the streets filled up, everyone became scared. What if it never stopped snowing?

Pushkin's College. It is one of the most famous colleges in the whole city. It had many students. The classes finished for the day and everyone was making their way to the exit. They looked like small busy ants. Hundreds of students always got stuck in the doorway. It wasn't big enough. Finally the crowd dispersed and there was no one there. Students formed groups on the campus lawns. They were standing in front of the tall white building that seemed to dissolve into the snow. Square windows looked out from white walls as if they watched the students.

Most students walked home in groups, as it was much more fun than walking home alone. But some preferred to walk in pairs of two people or more. Alex and Marina went home by themselves. It was probably because no one lived close to them, or maybe because no one wanted to walk with them.

"Hey," said Alex smiling. It was really hard to smile. It was freezing. It was probably - 15ºC. Snow was coming into his reflective hazel eyes and the biting wind was blowing straight into his face, which then became as red as a tomato.

"Hey, Alex!" smiled back at him Marina. "Let's go home 'coz it's really cold. I'm gonna just freeze to death in this cold environment. I can't live like this!" - Marina's eyes were even bluer when she got angry. She was cold as well. Her face had a pinkish...