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Snow White Plot- "Snow White" is about a young girl who is ordered to be killed by her wicked stepmother. When the man went to kill Snow White he realized that he could not do such a thing. He ordered Snow White to disappear into the woods and never return home. Snow White being frightened fled into the forest not knowing where she was going. She stumbled upon a cabin with seven dwarfs living in it. They welcomed her in their home with open arms. Soon after the man returned to the castle and had informed the wicked stepmother that the job had been done. She turned to her magic mirror and asked it "Mirror Mirror on the wall that is the fairest of them all" and the mirror still replied Snow White. With outrage the wicked stepmother set out to find Snow White and kill her once and for all.

The wicked stepmother tricked Snow White into eating a poisonous apple. The only way for Snow White to live again would be for a prince to place a kiss upon her lips and until this happens Snow White will sleep for eternity.

Tone- The tone in "Snow White" is rather suspenseful.

-The evil stepmother has ordered that Snow White be killed and when the man is unable to do it. Snow White flees into the forest where soon after the wicked stepmother finds her and pursues on killing her.

- Cautionary tone I believe is throughout this fairy tale . Snow White is warned by the man who was sent to kill her, never to return home again or else she will be killed - The author's attitude towards the subject in this case "Snow White" would be he has great passion for love stories. He likes suspense and happy endings.

- His attitude towards the reader would be pleasant he doesn't make the story scary or gruesome.

- The diction used in this would be Formal. "How do you do?" for example Symbols- The mirror - The dagger - The pigs heart - The apple - All of these symbols play a significant role in the fairy tale Exaggeration- The story is based on exaggeration. The tale of Snow White is purely fiction.

There is no reality in this fairy tale Irony- Dramatic Irony is played throughout the play the audience knew that the apple the old woman gives Snow White is really poisoned. Snow White on the other hand has no idea that the wicked stepmother is trying to kill her.

Structure- Introduction: In the beginning Snow White is a young girl who loses her father and has to live with her evil stepmother. The stepmother dislikes Snow White with a passion.

Rise in Action: The evil stepmother has ordered that Snow White be killed and that her heart be brought back to the wicked stepmother.

Climax: Snow White is living happily with the seven dwarfs. She was sent into the woods and told to never return home again.

Fall in Action: The wicked stepmother finds out that Snow White is not dead. She proceeds to trick her with a poisonous apple, which puts Snow White into a deep sleep.

Conclusion: A handsome prince comes to the rescue for Snow White. He places a kiss upon her lips and the two live happily ever after.

Point of View- This would be a third person objective. Meaning that the narrator sees and tells the story but is not part of it.

Ideas- some of the themes in "Snow White" would be jealousy. The wicked stepmother was jealous of Snow White and wanted her dead. Another theme would be tragedy, when the stepmother poisons Snow White. Love, the thought snow white had in her mind about living with her one true love.

Synthesis- When young Snow White's father dies and she is forced to live with her.

A lot of times this happens in real life where a child's parent dies and they are forced to live with a step parent which they have conflicts with.