Snow White compared to Enuma Elish

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Snow White/Enuma Elish Comparison

Mythologists define the system of recurring patterns and themes that people use to make sense out of the world today as "mythology". Symbolically, ancient and modern archetypes often turn out to be the same, even in meager details; in their universality, they seem to have a dear connection with the way all human beings think. After reading the Babylonian Creation mythEnuma Elish and watching the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, I discovered the many similarities that are interwoven between this modern western movie and this ancient non-Western myth. A dead king that brings about an evil queen, offspring that disturb the tranquility of the couple, a palace located in the heavens, a hero/heroes, and revenge can all be found within both of these stories. Although technology has changed since the ancient times, mythic themes have remained constant and have continued to run rampant through modern film.

What about modern film makes it an excellent carrier of mythic motifs that captivates these fragments of an ancient imagination, entombed within our brains? The nature of the medium itself is where part of the answer lies. One of the world's most venerable art forms is the oral epic, and movies are the modern equivalent of this. Ancient storytellers in Greece brought their anecdotes to every corner of the occupied world, just as televisions bring all the latest fact and fiction to us today. Movies are an entertaining way to learn things because it is live action, rather than just words being read from a white piece of paper.

"Thus they were established, the great gods…. They disturbed Tiamat as they surged back and forth. Yes, they troubled the mood of Tiamat by their hilarity in the...