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HOW TO SNOWBOARD I think that everybody should at least give snowboarding a chance. I will bet that ninety percent of them who do will never give up. For those of you who are willing to give it a chance let me help you out by giving you some simple instructions on how to snowboard.

I became interested in snowboarding about two years ago. I grew up skiing and I always hated the snowboarders because they got in my way. Then on e of my friends made me try it and it was the biggest rush I ever had in my life. I never went back to skiing since that day and I don't plan on it.

First off you need to get the right kind of equipment that fits you such as a snowboard that will match your body length and weight. Then you will need some boots and bindings, which hold your feet in.

Then you will need some good snowboarding clothes to not only keep you warm, but most snowboarding clothes are designed for the basic snowboarders needs.

First thing that you want to learn how to do before even going down the hill is being able to stop and feel comfortable with stopping. Let me remind you that falling isn't an option for about the first year, but its well worth it. First you attach your feet to the bindings on the snowboard where both of your feet are horizontal on the board. Then when you need to stop you slightly lift your toes upward applying pressure on to your heels. Then it depends how fast you are going but you will know how much pressure you need to apply and you'll start to slow down and eventually come to a stop.

The next step is learning how to control your board, which is called carving. When going down a hill you need to decide if your goofy or regular foot, which means what foot will be in front and which will be in back. Then you should place whatever foot you decide to use in front and the opposite foot will guide your board as it carves behind you. You should now be snowboarding. The rest you will have to learn on your own.