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Snow boarding makes me feel better when Im having a bad day. Because, you're in the middle of no, where and you are away from school and your Parents. No one can bother you when your snow boarding. It makes you forget about what your upset about when I'm usually in my own world when I snow board doing something that I enjoy.

Snow boarding is hard not everyone is able to snow board. Snow boarding takes Practice, and determination. In order to snow board well You haft to have good balance so you don't fall.

Without balance you would not be able to stand on your board without falling. When some people snow board for the first time they end up falling or rolling down the mountain because they don't know what there doing. Then later on they are complaining about how much pain there in.

Snow boarding is really dangerous I have been snow boarding for three years and I got a concussion.

It was my third day snow boarding and my friend Joe was on skies, he was teaching me how to turn so I was in between him, well the two of ended up picking up too much speed and hitting a bump. Which caused me to do a flip and hit the pole that holds the chair lift up. I blank out for a minute and I did not remember how I hit my head. I like the danger of snow boarding because it makes you feel good all over.

Another reason that snow boarding is fun I look forward to the end of the day so I can then go snow board. I love going fast and jumping it so much fun and everyone are really nice on the mountain. There is always...