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Snowboarding History

Snowboarding is the world's fastest growing winter sport and is set to become even more popular than skiing. It is still a young sport and there are many people eager to learn more about the enjoyment the sport has to offer. Without going to a mountain and taking a few lessons it is hard to fully appreciate what the sport really is, and the sensation that riding a snowboard gives. Hopefully, my report will tell everything a person would need to know about equipment, so that they can go try the sport out for themselves. The first snowboard ever marketed was produced by Shervin Popper, in 1964. It was a crude model put together in his garage, after he saw his daughter trying to go down a hill on a sled standing up. It consisted of two children's skis strapped together, with some doweling on the top for foot attraction.

His daughter took it to the local sledding hill, and soon enough all the kids wanted one. Another pioneer was

Dimitrije Milovich, a surfer from the east coast. He made his invention because of the lack of warm water in the winter. This board also had no bindings, but it included iron edges. In the early seventies Milovich began limited production of these custom boards. In 1977 the main snowboard company for today started production. Jake Burton made and sold his prototypes with handmade bindings.

These included some elements similar to modern design. Tom Sims also started production of some boards. In 1979 Tom Sims and Chuck Barfoot created the first board made of fiberglass. At the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties, the snowboard began to appear in some sports magazines and on American and Canadian TV. A beer commercial showed Paul Graves...