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Snowmobiles are the all time recreational winter vehicle. It has a tremendous ability of traveling on terrain and on ice. With all these marvelous and exciting things this machine must have its limits to safety, for if safety was not a factor we would all have a high danger ratio. When riding a snowmobile anything can almost happen, you could break through thin ice, or your coat could get stuck in the belt and suck you in, breaking all your bones. Yes, the snowmobile is not just a thrilling ride, but it could be your worst nightmare. If your going to go and have a ride, stay safe and stick to the rules and regulations.

The Uses

The snowmobile can also be used for hunting, traveling form place to place, and for search and rescue reasons.

Basic Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations will help you understand what the snowmobile is all about.

i)no drinking and driving is allowed on the snowmobiles

ii) the rider should know his/her stats and performance due to the snowmobile as a rider.

iii) all children must be supervised by an adult

iv) must have registration for the vehicle

vi) must know the hand signals for motion.

vii) the snowmobile should not be on a public road, street, or highways.

viii)must have registration with you at all times,

ix) must wear helmet, for protection.

x) if riding on ice, ice must be at least 12, or 5 inches.

These simple little basic rules and regulations can keep a snowmobile operator has safe and comfortable has possible.

Snowmobiles and Their Effects.

Snowmobiles are great and thrilling pieces of machinery, but what are their affects on our friend Earth. Well snowmobiles have been well known, has well as ATV's, as ground compacter. But there hasn't...