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So called "frills" What some people call "frills" in education is really a benefit to students. "Frills" in education refers to arts, music, band, drama, field trips, clubs, sports, etc. Although it may be an arguable issue on whether or not these activities may be needed, the answer is clear: they are not frills but instead a necessity. These activities help students develop skills that are not taught otherwise in math, science, history, english, or other required courses. Participating in many of these activities drives students towards positive behavior and self-esteem and having something to be proud about. Skills such as teamwork, leadership, goal setting and higher self-confidence are what these school activities aim at encouraging, and they all play in important role in life which will be very handy later on in life when they enter the 'real world'.

Some people say that extracurricular activities and things such as art, drama, and band should be the first to be removed when there is a budget cut an that they are of no such beneficial use; however, schools can find the money in other ways to fund such things and they all have many positive effects on students in various ways.

There are many ways that the school could still have these activities when there is a budget cut, someone just has to come up with a new approach to the situation instead of just cutting down on the extracurricular activities.

These activities increase student's self-esteem and self-determination because they have found something they are good at and are proud to show it off. One of these activities may be the thing to further a student's interest in a career field they are passionate about such as music or various sports. It gives them a chance to find...