'So much to tell you' by John Marsden How the main character changes

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Question: select a character from the text you have studied. Explain how and why the character develops or changes. Support your points with evidence from the text.

Marina is a 14yr old girl, and not surprisingly the main character in John Marsdens 'So much to tell you'. It is through Marinas journal that the audience can see her changes & bit by bit she reveals her past.

Marinas feelings towards her parents-a mother by whom she feels betrayed & abandoned '& only cares for herself,' and a father who in confusion has scarred her irreparably. Marina was a normal 'everyday' teenager before "the accident, the day, I died" she was sent ti a hospital which she hated, "I felt like a nutcase", she "was getting nowhere at the hospital" so her mum shippe dher off to boarding school. When marina first came to Warrington"I was determined not to let my father into my life", but through Mr Lindell and Cathy, she was able to realize and remember that 'yes' her father did indeed love her.

Marina went through a "its my fault" stage, but I think her sessions with Mrs Ransome helped to overcome that phase.

A change also occurred in Marina when she saw Lisa crying, she realized that she wasn't the only one with problems, & that each and everyone has problems no matter how strong they seem on the outside. When Marina first came to the dorm she was afraid to trust, befriend or even love anyone, but throughout the book things kept occurring that made her realize, you can trust people.

Marina liked Cathy and Mr Lindell because to her it seemed they were the only people that weren't pressuring her to speak "They keep asking my why I don't speak for chrissake,