"So Much To Tell You" Written by John Marsden. This book is on the difficulties a handicapped teenager has to face. It is written in the form of diary entries.

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So much to tell you


"So much to tell you" shows that communication is usually valuable. Do you agree?

Yes, to agree with this statement you need to understand the importance of communication and how it is needed to give and receive information, help the community to expand, express emotions and show the desire for basic needs. Without communication violence would flourish and understanding would be at a minimum.

Communication is needed, as it is a vital part of education.

Without communication education would suffer and eventually come to a standstill.

In a way, Marina's education was at a halt when she was in the hospital, as she was learning nothing. She left to Warrington, her boarding school, and almost immediately she began to communicate by writing in her diary which she used as an outlet for bottled-up emotions, allowing her to focus more. She communicated more while being at Warrington for a few days then her time in the hospital could ever have allowed her too.

If people were unable to communicate new ideas everything would stagnate.

The only way you could learn without communication is through trial and error, which could be harmful, even fatal.

Without communication the community would cease to exist.

When Marina stopped talking she felt alone and isolated as if no one were there to help her through her ordeal. Were we all to feel like this and be unable to express emotion, society would diminish'

The community is based on befriending others. If communication ceased to exist, the community would too.

Communication is vital in the community as information would stop circulating and no one would know of others past experiences, etc, would be unknown and useful information would be kept quiet. Thus, kindness, alongside the community, would be...