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"So you're called a Bitch!" These days, in society, we give labels to people's attitudes, personalities or even by their dress code. It has been shown that most stereotypes are negative ones and furthermore are geared towards woman. There are more swear words directed to females than males. For instance, words like tramp, slut, whore, these all categorise woman to be promiscuous. Another example that I will focus on is the word bitch.

The definition of the word bitch is a female dog, thus suggesting that a female dog barks and that being called bitch means you always want something, are never happy, or are always complaining. Some people would just say that you are a chick with a bad attitude. Nonetheless society has evolved and has changed the meaning of the word bitch.

Over the past 10 years or so, the meaning of the word has had less importance as an insult, but more as a character trait in someone.

It used to be said back in the 60's and 70's that the word bitch was a horrible insult and therefore woman were very offended by the term. Since then, as woman got more in control of their lives, careers and relationships, the word has become a symbol of power and authority.

I recently had a class in sociology and we were discussing stereotypes that men give to woman and vice versa. When the word bitch came up, the female students in the class responded with the statement that they enjoy being called that name. They elaborated on their response by saying that they feel in control, and get to be the boss in a particular situation. Moreover, they believed that men are attracted or aroused when a woman is in power and enjoy it when...