Sob, Sob, Sob

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Personal Experience free writing

Sob, Sob, Sob!!!

And there it was. Things can make you sad or glad. And this mad thing caused grief. I know now how much he meant to us.

It was a month when the sun shows heat. Where all the kids are out of school and fun thrives in homes. It was a time where kids choose not to eat, but to play, play, and play - bounce the ball, throw the dice. Check out the pool. Take a swim. Things they like to do most! So what was it that killed the mood that once made me glad not sad?

Let's go back to this scene - a home scene. My mom knew that I was at home. She was at school. Read this and write that, teach this and that, you know the kind of job that she had. She said that she felt that she had to call home and so she did.

I got to the phone and said, "Hello" she said, "Is all fine?" I said, "Yeah," she said, "Check on Joe, my dad." I went to check on Joe. Joe had his eyes closed. I called him, his eyes were shut, and his mouth was locked. I said, "Joe, my mom wants to have a word with you". Joe kept still and this did not look good. I was not able to bring Joe out of his sleep; he did not speak up at all. I ran to the phone. I told mom what I saw in Joe. Joe was my moms' dad. My mom got sad. She made a phone call, to those that drive a truck with red big lights that make loud noise as they rush through the streets. They got to Joe. They took Joe...