Sobering moment.

Essay by davelane22 October 2003

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Have you ever doing something and then realized "Oh man, what have I done?" I'm going to tell you a story where I had this exact same feeling. The story has no moral in the way most people think of it. It doesn't teach you not to touch hot things or to respect your elders, but it teaches something much more valuable.

The beginning of this story actually started about a half year ago when I worked for a new restaurant called The Mockingbird Grill. I had met few people there at work that I liked, but I finally met an assistant cook named Maryland. Maryland is a 19 year-old black woman who is putting herself through college. I actually understood her when she spoke unlike the rest of my co-workers there spoke. So she served as my translator and we became friends. Later, I was laid off because of budget cuts.

I didn't see Maryland but every once in a while and we said we would go hang out like we promised to do when we worked at the grill. Finally we got a hold of each other and she decided that we would go to a club in Georgiana, Alabama. I was hesitant but I had not gone anywhere with any of my friends for the entire summer so I decided to go. Maryland introduced me to her roommate who is a 21 year-old black woman. She seemed just as nice as Maryland so we got along very well. We finally got on the road and I realize have no idea where Georgiana is. They gave me directions and turns out that is 30 minutes away and you have to get on the interstate to get there. That's when I say to myself "What have I...