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Social Analysis Paper The analysis of various systems in misconduct behavior.1.) The focal system is the school because they want to place Kayla in Special Education. The subsystem is Kayla, a nine-year -old fourth grader. The suprasystem is the school board. 2.) Kayla is having problems at school and has been counseled by the school social worker constantly. She is steadily being placed in detention for not behaving in class. She also has a problem with controlling her temper, which leads her to cursing, fighting, and arguments with the authorities at school. As of behavior, she can not keep up with the grade level work. She is failing all of her test and has been suspended several times for misconduct. The school wants her placed in Special Education, but the parents do not think she should be placed in that program. The parents also met with the school social worker to see what could be done or if Kayla should be placed in Special Education.

3.) The change agent is the school social worker because she is going to help determine whether or not if Kayla should be placed in Special Education. The client system is the fourth grader, Kayla and her parents because they are seeking help if she should be placed in Special Education. The parents will benefit from the planned change effort as well as other students and schools. The target system will consist of school staff, principal, teacher, and school board because of non-controlling of her behavior they want her in special education. The action system includes the school social worker, school board, Kayla and the parents. Kayla will either take control of her self and listen. If not social worker and school board members will agree to the placement of Special Education. The social...