Social and Political Concerns in Our World

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Sociology 2000 Justin Lippolis Sept. 10, 2007

Assignment # 1

What Social/Political Problems Concern Me The Most?

Everyday there is a rise in the level of debate regarding various social and political issues in our world. Everyone seems to have their opinion and most stand strongly beside it. Where at one time, perhaps debates such as these were left for the office or a business event; now even family gatherings often turn into hot-headed brawls over the decisions of political leaders. It is rather disconcerting to see such rivalry among loved ones, but there is no denying what a chaotic time we are living in. Turning ones back to this blatant truth is beyond imprudent. The outcomes of choosing to be disengaged with reality are null. Surely by taking this role, you are not helping in making any sort of difference. It is indeed important to speak up, as more people desperately need to be heard.

Personally, this is my NUMBER 1 social issue. It is especially true for the proud America, a country which prides itself on democracy, yet criticizes anyone who has anything to say against the political leader's decisions. That is of course until one of them screws up bad enough so that it becomes undeniably evident to the rest of the supporting privileged. Inadequacies such as this occur day after day, thus the saga continues and the little people still have no acknowledged judgment.

In regards to more specific concerns, euthanasia use is particularly high on my list. I believe wholeheartedly in it because it is yet another example of freedom of choice. For whatever reason: be it a terminal disease, a paralysis of sorts, or even incorrigible depression, we as human beings have the right to live as well as end our lives accordingly and...