Social Anxiety.

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Social Anxiety

One of the personality disorders that people suffer from the most is social anxiety. This type of anxiety relates to anticipated and social interactions. Although is uncommon for a person to experience anxiety in a social environment, most people do suffer from it. Like everything, some to more extremes than others. People who are described as shy are people who are most likely to be suffering from social anxiety. Not to be confused with an introverted person, who chooses to be alone or in quiet settings. People who suffer from social anxiety would like to have more friends and they do not like being shy. Social anxiety sufferers admit that the root of their anxiety is the social interaction, and are willing to seek professional help.

Social anxiety provokes the usual anxiety symptoms as well as it's own unique ones. People feel nervous, they cannot concentrate, increased physiological arousal.

Some of the branches that social anxiety falls through are dating anxiety and stage fright, communication anxiety, and reticence. Their biggest fear is to be judge by others. They feel very awkward when they have to engage in conversation with people. They are very self-conscious and are so concentrated with how they are coming across that they are not capable of carrying on a normal conversation. These symptoms are not unrecognizable; other will notice how tense and uncomfortable the person seems. They are more likely to blush, and to stumble with their words.

People who suffer from this type of anxiety are very pessimistic. They expect things to go wrong, that is in situations as well as in relationships. They feel that potential friendships as we as romantic interest will fail before they even give it a chance. This pessimism also contributes to their lack of skills when...