Social Conflict in the Media

Essay by madz July 2007

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The problem of social conflict is very general upon introduction. However, upon the addition of examples, the essence of this problem becomes clarified. The evidence that it exists is in everyday life and in the popular media, to include news periodicals, radio broadcasts, and television programs of various types. The movie category of the media is also heavy with themes of social conflict, with overt racism in particular. Remember the Titans is a recently produced film depicting a racist environment within a high school football team in the South . The team's members fight through the basic issue of having to look at each other's differently pigmented faces. Then, they move on to experience the stereotypes projected onto them by society (Remember the Titans).

The morbidly unreserved Jerry Springer Show is another example of how social conflict is promulgated in the media. In this instance, the conflict in people's personal lives seems to be glorified as a source of entertainment.

Pity must be had for the participants in the show and for the audience watching it because it is speculated that they are watching in order to gain a superior sense of their own lives as compared to the pathetic individuals under exploitation on the show. The social conflict problem becomes more dynamic with a show such as the Jerry Springer Show because the audience may either denounce the behavior occurring on stage, or they may become drawn to the emotional intensity and obscene drama. In the latter case, there is danger of people tending to mimic the behavior they observe and to become pathetic in their own lives. If people reveal the facets of their own personalities by demonstrating what appeals to them, a great number of people might be prone to social conflict judging by the longevity...