Social Construction: Gender Differences

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Jennifer Berezina

ENG 283-T ,7 pm

Exam 1-question 1

How does one define social construction? Well, to begin with you can certainly consider gender differences in social construction. When referring to social construction we are looking at ways society defines these characteristics and ideas within different cultures, whether it's the biologically involved or these instances are learned starting at infancy. It's these social interactions that people act and react to, and what is merely accepted by society. A woman is born a woman and a Man is born a Man. And these two human beings have different roles in this society that each one is supposed to perform. It's about how we humans in this society understand how the world is constructed through our human relations with each other. It definitely plays an important role because it stereotypes between men and women as being opposites. Once you are born, during your growth process from the very beginning you are being taught the differences between masculinity and femininity by your parents, relatives, friends, or even things you see on television, etc.

Even now a days, in occupations, when one thinks of a doctor, lawyer, engineer, manager, or CEO of a company, it's automatically presumed that it's most definitely a man, that a women considered in these profession is not taken seriously. Or for example, nurses, housewives, babysitters, caretakers, secretaries are considered solely female professions because in this society it would be considered funny for a Man to acquire such a profession. In my opinion I think any man or a woman should be considered for either one. Sometimes a person may not even get into such or certain professions, because it is not socially acceptable within a society. Our behavior is mostly learned throughout rather than it being innate. As soon...